Second Chance Summer - Excerpt

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"It's been a long time since I've held a woman I actually care about. I'm out of practice."

"It's not you." She dropped her head against his chest. "It's just too late for us, Gabe."

"Maybe," he agreed, and that one word felt like a slap in the face. But when she tried to pull away, he lifted her chin and forced her to look at him again. "You're probably right. But just the same, I need to know if what we had was real or if it's something I've built up in my mind to the point where nothing else can compare. I'm sorry, Katie," he said firmly, "but I'm going to have to try again."

And then he did. Slowly, but with deliberate intent, he lowered his mouth to brush against hers. Their lips, still wet from the river, slid over each other. Once. Twice. Oh, so gently. Without conscious thought, Katie moved her head to try for a third pass of his lips over hers. But this time, instead of lightly skimming across the surface, he froze just as Katie turned her head slightly to the side.

In the silence of the boathouse, with the current tugging at their legs, Gabe's lips hovered above the corner of her mouth. For one frozen-in-time moment, they simply stood, leaning into each other, and Katie felt the most extraordinary sensation pass through her, like a breath of warm, summer wind. She canted her head back toward him until their lips once again met in mirror image, and she let the long forgotten sensation rise and fall with each breath until it filled her completely.

She didn't dare open her eyes.

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