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Review from Lototy, Coffee Time Romance & More:

A year ago his life changed in the blink of an eye, and Luca Trevayne has not been the same since. He became a father to his brother's children, and the reluctant recipient of his sister-in-law's matchmaking schemes.

Most people reach a certain independence and freedom by the time they reach the age of twenty-five, but Annie Stanton has yet to experience either of those. Her parents died when she was a young girl, and she immediately became the ward of her uncle, who has since kept a very tight rein on everything she does.

What Annie hates most in the world is to be treated like a child, even though she knows she acts like one at times. Finally getting out of her uncle's house and away from his dour demeanor should feel like heaven, but being forced into a job as a nanny is not her idea of freedom. Luca is sick of having women shoved in his face by his sister-in-law, but Annie has him doing an about face within minutes. They ignite like a flame to gas, and someone is sure to get seriously burned.

This story depicts the struggle of a young woman fighting to find her self-worth and independence after being sheltered and pampered her whole life. Her character may first come off as spoiled and high-strung, but she soon enchants the reader with her spunky attitude and quick wit. Luca's character is just as loveable, and his relationship with his children only magnifies his humanity. I certainly enjoyed their trials as much as their triumphs, and highly recommend this wonderfully romantic love story. Rating: 4 Cups

Review from Breia Brickey, WRDF Review:

I was very pleased with this story. The characters were well written and I must say that it was a nice change to see two characters who didn't immediately like each other. This story highlighted what real relationships are like and how it is something that must be worked for. Although the socialite angle has been used before Ms. Mc Adam did a very good job of making it new again. With more stories like this Ms. Mc Adam will definitely be a must have for book lovers.

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Review from Brenda Talley, The Romance Studio:

Luca Trevayne had custody of his five-year-old twin niece and nephew. His brother and his wife had died a year ago and he, along with his sister-in-law's sister (Vivian), did their best to give the kids a normal life. His mother also spent much time with them. Vivian spent her time when Luca was not teaching his college chemistry classes, parading various friends of hers around trying to match him with a wife. The last thing Luca needed was another woman, besides his mother or Vivian, trying to run his life. It did seem, however, that each offering was worse than the last. What was she trying to accomplish? One thing Vivian did was hire a nanny for the children, Hannah and Jake. Her boss, one of the deans at the college, was Annie Stanton's uncle. He had kept Annie under his thumb for ten years. Now, he conspired with Vivian to give her the job of taking care of the kids to free up Luca's time for other pursuits. Vivian certainly did not mean for her to attract Luca's attention away from her.

Ms. Michelle McAdam has done a great job of telling the story of a young woman who was brow-beaten by her overbearing uncle after the death of her parents. She developed her characters in such a way that it seemed as if I was in the middle of the story. The more I found out about these great people, the more engrossed I became in the book. She used quite a few secondary characters to tell this tale and the book flowed very well.

There were circumstances which developed which were surprising and very influential in the outcome of this book. The chemistry between Luca and Annie was explosive, but the sensual scenes were not graphic. The book did not end as I had imagined. The romance was full of pitfalls and difficulties. The happily-ever-after was not reached in the expected manner, but it was achieved.

I recommend this book to everyone who enjoys a great contemporary romance.

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Review from jhayboy, Romance Junkies:

Dr. Luca Trevayne has just about had it, there is not a single quiet place in his life to call his own and it's all down to the women in his life. The women he currently lives with, the women who are just waiting to be apart of his life, and the women who he has not even met yet, so it's no small feat when he assumes the new one sitting on the ledge is fair game, what he gets is one wet woman who is no shrinking violet, but innocent in more ways than even he realizes.

Upset and angry at being sent to a house that she doesn't know, to look after kids that she has no experience with and into the arms of man who is more infuriating than her limited experience has allowed her to meet, Annie Stanton is not happy and she intends to let them all know that fact. However revenge is a dish best served cold and Luca's reaction to her plan is anything but. Has she just started a game that she has no idea how to play where only Luca seem to be making all the rules?

Michelle McAdam is a new to me author and I enjoyed SOMEWHERE LOVE, my first book by her. This is a read full of promises and soul searching, hilarity and moments of madness that just make this book an absolute winner for me.

All Luca Trevayne wants is to get on with his life, love his kids and sit on his dock and enjoy his evenings without the three ring circus that the women of his life have made of it as of late. When he is attracted to one of "the" women, he finds that she is the one woman who is just not playing the game.

Annie Stanton is hurt, lonely and now heartbroken and stuck in a situation that she doesn't want to be in, but has no choice but to go along with the decision made for her. However, she does not have to take it lying down and she intends to show them all what she is made of - but has she bitten off more than she can chew?

SOMEWHERE LOVE is a fun read that is not only filled with heartfelt emotions but so many funny moments that you won't be able to tell the villains from the hero. Ms. McAdam has an addictive writing style; I literally flew through this book and will be looking out for more works from this author.

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